Five Facets of Falsehood-Intro, the wolves among us

We are warned in the New Testament to be on the lookout for false prophets, false christs, false apostles, false brothers, and false teachers.

 These pseudo operators are the antithesis of any one of the aspects of Christianity they imitate. 

Although they clothe themselves in righteousness and appear to be genuine, they come into the Body to do Satan’s work – kill, steal, destroy.

Their messages are of the anti-christ: but subtle, truth-laced, insidious lies that have the effect of leading the Flock astray from what God intends it to be.

 They have invaded the Body of believers at all levels and are even now twisting the “Gospel” that is preached today into an abomination when compared to the Bible.

 These five aspects that are under attack are, I believe, essential to the operation of the Body and the advancement of the Kingdom; that is why I believe they are highlighted to us.

They are fundamental aspects of Christianity; without any one of them, Christianity falls apart.  Without Christ, we all are without hope of redemption.

Without prophets, the message of Christ is not advanced.

Without teachers, the ways of His Kingdom are not learned.

Without Apostles, the Church is not expanded.

And without Brothers, obviously, there is no Body, and the rest of the aspects are moot.

If Satan can infect these areas, the Body of Christ becomes impotent, unable to do the work of Christ.

We must begin to examine the condition of the Body of Christ, the messages put forth, and their effects on the Body and the Kingdom.

{This is the beginning of our series on the 5 facets of falsehood in the church today.}

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About Vince

I met Jesus “underground” in the basement of a hotel when I was 9 years old. But I would travel a long, prodigal road before I began to place Him as Lord. And, just as I started, I am coming back full circle – underground. I see an exodus coming where Egypt is the institutional church, the slaves are the people, and Pharaoh is the mass of pastors bent on keeping them. A course of separation has been set for the body of Christ; who will steer the new course are simply those who desire more of Him.
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