{Guest Post} Forsaking mountains and embracing the dust {the bruised Bride}

Mountains - Autumn in Denali
Brides (Photo credit: cheriejoyful)

For too many years the collective church has lived for the mountain top experiences. In fact, it has been ingrained that the mountain top is where abundant life awaits, riches and prosperity flourish, and the spiritually sound reside. With a mountain top view, we believe we fully have engaged Life.

The mountain top sums up the “spiritual experience”; anything less is substandard and an outdated religion.

We are taught, maybe not directly, but indirectly that life is not found in the valley and most certainly not in the desert. If we are found in either of these places, then our spirit man must be in want; or worse yet; disciplined.

The valley holds darkness, depression, trials and tribulation.

The desert is a place for the spiritually dry~ not thirsty, just dry. The accommodations are insidious…a place where you proceed in a gradual, subtle way, yet with harmful effects.

The position to be understood is disobedience. No questions need to be asked for your location provides all of the answers.

The valleys are shared by the lonely and only the fallen are scattered to the desert. This desert is a wasteland littered with the “least of these” as seen through the eyes of men.

When we enter into such a place our minds are crushed by guilt, shame, and regret. Our spirituality is shaken and we stagger backwards for we have become the refuse of the church. We must be food for only the vultures; unfit and unfruitful.

Our spiritual survival depends upon scaling the mountain. Once we arrive at the summit and present ourselves to our religious head; we are back in the fold; for at that time we will be fully restored to the church and then to Christ…isn’t that what religion requires; a restoration to the doctrine; and if we meet doctrinal criteria then we meet Christ’s criteria?

What else would we think; after all, look at the Israelites; their disobedience cost them forty years of desert. Jesus was tempted forty days in the desert; surely nothing good can come from such a place!

I am not so arrogant to say that being cast into the desert is not difficult. Nor would I say that disobedience does not bring about discipline. But what I would say is this; it has everything to do with what happens in the desert. That is the summit of the spiritual experience…that is your coveted mountain.

“….and therefore, I am now going to allure her to the desert. There I will speak tenderly to her. I will make the valley of Achor a door of hope. There will I give her back her vineyards and restore her youth. There she will sing, sing as in the days of her youth, the day she came up out of Egypt…and she will no longer call me my Master, but she will call me my Husband.” Hosea 2:14-16

As I attempt to explain this passage, I will use the Hebrew.

It is in this passage we see a relationship forming out of the dust. We see our Creator literally walking us and bringing us into a land of trouble and affliction. All the while speaking tenderly bringing about a life properly arranged by intimacy.

It is in this place, our Creator makes His victorious summons; He thunders His declaration that speaks to the darkness separating us from the one who comes to kill and destroy. He rends His heart as a garment and encloses us with Himself. It is in this enclosure that we find Hope, we find revelation, and most of all we find a bridal intimacy only shared by those that call Him, my Husband.

There is no greater religion than that of a relationship of intimacy with Jesus Christ; the Head of the Body. He alone calls us worthy because of the blood shed while on a cross, positioned on top of a mountain overlooking a valley. Today, this valley is filled with debris and known as a wasteland.

It was the shed blood that brought beauty to the valley. It was the blood that made the wasteland alive again. And now, it is this blood that makes me spiritually sound and restores me to Christ…this was the purchase price of the Bride.

There is only One worthy of the mountain. And so I choose to live in a land of quiet revelation, satisfied eating locusts, forsaking the mountain top experiences and singing a new song; all the while being dressed as a lily of the field, and kissing the dust.

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About Geneva

The road in my rear view mirror is marked by hard places. My Guide has been faithful. He came into my life and I was branded. Marked. Labeled. Ridiculed. Judged. Stoned. But the road ahead always looks grand and full of light! The furnaces from the past have only caused the fire of His Spirit to burn hotter. The edicts of man have tried many times to make me bend in worship to him, yet I have met the true Flame who delivers me in every furnace!
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3 Responses to {Guest Post} Forsaking mountains and embracing the dust {the bruised Bride}

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  2. Hi Tammy,

    Vanity,vanity, how man is filled with vanity. Strutting around the earth like a peacock, puffing himself up. Somehow,whether it be in the desert or on the mountaintops, each Christian must learn that our Lord Jesus, the mighty God of the universe and beyond, lowered himself to living on this planet, in human form, in a lowly state, suffered a horrible life and death, voluntarily. Because of our sins. So that we wouldn’t be consumed because of our sins. Because it was the only way.

    We need to humble ourself, we need to be out in the desert and be able to say, “This is more than I deserve!”. And be deeply satisfied because the blood of Jesus took away the wrath of God against us. It seems it would be SO difficult for someone who was wealthy and a greedy consumer to accomplish these things.


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