(I came across this very good article on gender bias, the New Covenant order, and authority in the church. It is worth reading the entire article {linked below}. As a woman, I too have had my own struggles with different theologies I was raised with. But I am also against any women’s lib movement, as I see woman being superior just as erroneous as trying to live according to some Pharisical laws. What I am completely for, is the idea of Jesus equalizing all things so He can reign in all things. If we keep our eyes on how HE lived out the Divine order set through His example, we’ll see a much different pattern than the world.)

“It had been this authority thing that kept throwing me in the past remember, but now I had begun to understand it in servanthood terms because of Ephesians 5 and it’s context. It was, as I heard one fellow say about the Genesis1/Ephesians 5 passages, an entirely new graceful way of living. And the old “who’s the boss” thing of Genesis 2&3 was a curseful way of living. It was becoming obvious to me that Christians are to live in the grace of it all. [Of course.]  Not in the curse of it all. [Of course not.] My questions were being answered.

One final thought about this “woman being created second” question. I never had seen how man being created first and woman coming from man would set up an authority thing. No doubt he was and she did, but, if whose created first is a principle for authority then the animals and birds should rule man. Of course the women in Ephesus [coming out of the mystery religions of Ephesus] had believed the woman was created first by their gods and was far superior to any male. So when Paul addressed who was created first I settled on him correcting heresy of the mystery religions again.” ~~Paul Burleson
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