{gasp!} How Dare You Judge Me!

“You can’t say that! We’re not supposed to judge!”

Isn’t it strange how people who arrogantly dismiss what God has to say about their lifestyle, are so quick to tell you what {they think} He says about “judging”!

They say it with a look of in-credulousness that you as a professing Christian would dare violate such a “basic tenant of the faith”!

“”Do not judge, or you too will be judged!” is thrown at you triumphantly, an arrow proven to be a powerful one because most Christians want to be loving and kind. They have no interest in making enemies but they do want to stand for Jesus.

How many times have you had the wind taken out of your sails with that lie? And that’s what it is, just another lie, an effective arrow from the enemy’s arsenal.

The verse quoted is from Matt 7 of course. But Jesus isn’t forbidding us to judge. He is saying we have no grounds to judge, IF we are guilty of the same.

There is a process to judging correctly, but judge correctly we must!

“You hypocrite, FIRST take the plank out of your own eye, and THEN you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” If you don’t have a plank in your own eye, you have permission to say what Jesus says about the matter. Not quarrel, but firmly stand on the truth of scripture as revealed by the Holy Spirit. Not man’s opinion of scripture.

How to go about removing a plank? Judge ourselves first.

Some examples…I should not rebuke a person who is in open sexual sin if I am secretly into porn. I should not instruct a thief in righteousness if I drive the company car and use their gas to run my errands {assuming it’s against company policy}. I should not correct a liar if I falsely blame others for my mistakes, etc….

A hypocrite’s words have no power, so lets remove planks if we have any, and speak! We are responsible to boldly speak forth truth in our generation to the world around us, and that includes the church!


About Geneva

The road in my rear view mirror is marked by hard places. My Guide has been faithful. He came into my life and I was branded. Marked. Labeled. Ridiculed. Judged. Stoned. But the road ahead always looks grand and full of light! The furnaces from the past have only caused the fire of His Spirit to burn hotter. The edicts of man have tried many times to make me bend in worship to him, yet I have met the true Flame who delivers me in every furnace!
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