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{gasp!} How Dare You Judge Me!

“You can’t say that! We’re not supposed to judge!” Isn’t it strange how people who arrogantly dismiss what God has to say about their lifestyle, are so quick to tell you what {they think} He says about “judging”! They say … Continue reading

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setting an example of leadership and willing to work

In continuation of my posts concerning the subjects of money and the deception of tithe teaching, I want to take a look at several Scripture passages that are relevant. 2Thess 3:5-16 is one such passage and is a glimpse into … Continue reading

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the true grace of freedom [Part 2 of 2]

“… I felt the need of writing at once to encourage you to fight on for the faith which once and for all God has given to his people. For some godless people have slipped in unnoticed among us, persons … Continue reading

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